#MeToo helping Me’s to reach milestones

A small spark can burn down the forest to ashes, similarly a small movement called #MeToo has overturned the world with shocking tweets. This movement has kindled fear among patriarchal society which had been harassing the women for years and hindering their growth in work place. It is shocking to know that Indian men were [...]



We would have admired at many Sci-Fi characters and the gadgets they use. However, it was hard to accept the reality that they don’t exist in real time. Surprisingly, I used to stay in the world of illusion and have always wondered why don’t we have one like that. Therefore, Harry Potter’s invisible cloak was [...]


We had tried many times and many different ways when we learnt to walk. Why don’t we do it every time to explore new things…


Why are we always affected by the thought of “what they think and how they see”?
How they see portrays their attitude not yours. Learn yourself explore yourself life is all within you. Searching answers outside isn’t going to work. Adversity is within you.

Be kind , be funny, be stupid, be wise, be intelligent, be a student, be a teacher,lift people,be weird,be everything in the world. You ought to take up the roles , it’s never going to come to you as such. Go in search of your own self.

Listen, read, learn,practice,fail,fail again, get insulted, get stabbed, fight, fight harder, win yourself everyday, face everything that you fear, grow up everyday.

Love, get broken, get burnt , be the phoenix escape the fire, fly high like the eagle.

Trust people, get back stabbed, get betrayed, lose faith in humans , meet new people, imply what you learnt,learn to…

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Everything in this world is beautiful in it's own ways. Similarly, humans show their beauty by their blissful smile. A smile is a precious gift we inherit in us. It makes you and others happy and motivated. This is a chain reaction that can energize the world. One can decipher a smile in million ways. [...]