#MeToo helping Me’s to reach milestones

A small spark can burn down the forest to ashes, similarly a small movement called #MeToo has overturned the world with shocking tweets. This movement has kindled fear among patriarchal society which had been harassing the women for years and hindering their growth in work place. It is shocking to know that Indian men were also charged in this movement.
This movement is much needed at this time for the women’s upliftment. Women had been passive so far hiding their pains within themselves. This movement has clearly shown us that women were harassed for sustenance in their jobs. If such an impediment weren’t there, India would have got the best leaders in different arenas. It is expected that the attitude of men will change through this movement to allow women to do, what they really capable .
However, it is hard to accept the fact that some opportunistic women try to ruin the fame of some men. Moreover, the significance of this movement could also be lost. We can never allow injustice to triumph, we need genuine claims on harassers with substantiating proofs to punish the assailants. Women can make this revolution fair and can make imprints in sands of time

10 thoughts on “#MeToo helping Me’s to reach milestones

    1. It indirectly makes the sinner ashamed of himself. I feel self pricking of conscience is best punishment. Now if a woman charges on a man, immediately he is fired from the job and as a bonus he loses his respect in society

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      1. Self guilt is the ultimate punishment. I agree. But what if the self conscience of a person is broken? Yes, the culprits will lose respect, once their secret is out. But that’s supposed to happen right?

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