My Greatest Hero Too, Seek My Appreciation


It was a usual day, a single moment taught me a message to be carried on throughout my journey. My mom was ill on that day, so my father was supposed to make omelette for me and my brother. While dining, I was scrolling news feeds in Instagram and my brother was watching Chin-Chan in YouTube. We were least interested in having food. Once Omelette was handed over to us to taste, as usual I started tasting it without leaving any word to my dad. My brother would whine if food doesn’t meet his expectation. On that day he didn’t mind much about the taste as he was serious in watching the cartoon. After switching off the stove my father came to dine with us. He asked us whether the omelette was delicious. None of us answered. Then he specifically asked my brother as I don’t spot faults in food items and he was expert in it. He answered with monosyllabic word “hmm”.

My father again repeated the question to get a proper feedback. This time I dropped my phone and started thinking on why he should ask us. Only then I realised the fact that he needs appreciation for the work he did. That moment I promised myself that I would appreciate anyone who works passionately. Eventually, I appreciated his work with substantiating merits in his cooking. Thereafter, He was absolutely happy throughout the day. I realised how a simple act of me can infuse happiness and charisma in others. Change is inevitable at present era for better life. This change in me made me happy by making others happy. Hope so friends, lets appreciate our friends for the work they do to lead a harmonious life.

My greatest hero and Heroine are my dad and mom so don’t be confusing with my title.

Either in cradle or in grave
Appreciating the soul is inevitable
Before and after every venture
Appreciation is the primeval
Baby walks only after several falls
At every rise, you got parents calls
Not just when you were a baby
At every stages of your life
Appreciation drives you with happy
My father needs appreciation,
My mother needs appreciation,
You need appreciation and
I need appreciation
Why not, everything in this world
Crave for appreciation

39 thoughts on “My Greatest Hero Too, Seek My Appreciation

  1. That is so true. Everyone needs to be appreciated no matter how small their job or the work they’ve done for us is. A simple thank you or a good job can make people happy. And if we can make people happy why not just do it.

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  2. You just discovered the secret key to a perfect fulfilling and happy life Vishnu….A kutti appreciation goes a long way. . Always remember that in every relationship of yours…
    Simple yet a heart touching post Vishnu….keep posting.. .

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      1. Haha.☺…kandippa unga post adhu deserve pannudhu….so paraattamal irukkarudhu chance ille…ungle meet pannadhile magizhchi. If u had not followed me i would have missed your blog. So nandri ungalukkum for the follow.

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  3. It is such a truth,more like an universal truth.It is the care at the end of the day which counts,when somebody is doing something for us,we should always give back our love to them,to show them we care.People in the world lacking care is the most vulnerable.Keep supporting your mum and dad in every way possible.

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