This is a platform for bloggers to bring out their creativity through their stories.

VocabStory is developing your own stories from the given setof words. I am hoisting a #VocabStories_Challenge this month (December 2018).Get ready my dear writers, this is a platform to show your creativity.

Here are the words which you can use to build your story:

Words for #VocabStories_Challenge


  • Write your stories in your site and engrave thelink in my comment box.
  • I welcome all post on or before 31st December2018 till 11:00 PM
  • Iwill describe about your story and about site in my site arjuncharritor.home.blog on January 1st2019.
  •  I hopeyou shall make use of this platform to show your creativity and I guarantee youthat this would be a fun filled experience.

Advantages of doing this:

  • You learn new words and know put it in right sense in the sentence.
  • Your creativity comes out
  • What you written will be a reflection of you
  • It activates your brain to think critically in multidimension
  • You can have lot of fun writing

I have tried one please, do give a read to this:

Plot for my first story

07th,December 2018
10:00 PM

Dear Diary,
  Smell of the coffee wakedme up as usual. Today it rejuvenated me to kick start the day with amenity. Iheaded towards my writing table checking for my do today list. I sat to writeafter my breakfast with all positivity. As usual, I started to think about theplot for thriller story. I wanted to give appalling experience to my readersthis time. Firstly, I decided to create a character who will be a demonic Psychopath.Accordingly, I wanted to unveil some dreadful crimes to my readers to portrayhim as a monstrous villain. I browsed some articles relevant to mysteriousbrutal murders and took note of it. Thereupon, I got crank with research I haddone. Soon after, my garrulous thoughts ran out of ideas. My rotten part ofbrain started sending deriding signals to me at that hopeless situation. Aftersometime, I started framing the plot. Soon I felt exhausted and relaxed forsometime having a cup a coffee. Then, I read the story I had written. I couldsense plagiarism in my plot like taking ideas from different authors. Myconscience wanted to bring me to book and in frustration I fed my trash with myworks. Getting so frustrated, I sat down silently. The Silence was broken bythe voice of the garbage collector. I yelped at him saying that I was coming.Later, I clamped down my frustration and dumped my waste into his bag.Eventually, the entire day got ruined being lost in thoughts. Good night diary.
Yours lovingly

The Torn Page

On the next day evening he was lying dead in a mysterious way. The investigation started, neighbours were enquired about the incident and evidences were collected by the cops. I was a RAW agent and was also, one of his neighbours. So, I got to intervene into the case to help the cops. I examined the materials found in the crime scene. I examined his table, trash, search history and finally gave a read to his diary. Everything I had examined twined together to reveal the cause of his death. I explained to cops that he was a thriller story writer and he was penning a story the previous day for the upcoming release but wasnot satisfied with his draft so he trashed it. He had researched about mysterious deaths and had made a note of it and also, he follows the routine do to do list. He was murdered in one of the methods mentioned in that website and had perfectly timed it, as the killer knew his daily plans. Every information is passed to the murderer through his works that were trashed.

This torn page had given me the plot to write this story, yet I am leaving the rest to the readers to identify the murderer. Sarcastic thing here is the writer’s thoughts in his diary had become my plot.  Therefore,  every information that is related to you have to handled wisely or else things may get complicated. Thanks for reading my first story.

~ Ambitious Flyer

Information is weapon

Write your story and share it with me friends.

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