What we see in others…

what we see in others.. is the exact reflection of us We see our characters in others. If you help someone they will help you in return making you and them happy. Like this, everything you do others will also do the same to you. You can also know yourself better from others, the way [...]


Writer in Me scribbled his thoughts in Despair

quote on dipressed mind What makes you happy dude Where is the glistering smile that cute… I call for people around I wish to speak out loud Oh no! I am a wall flower in coterie Would any soul break the ice with me? If at all a short rap session Whilst I had tried [...]

My depositors… My frequent depositors


This quote inspired me to write this blog. Thank you Suhana Azam for the quote. Do follow her genuine works @ _quotes__ corner_

Whenever I used to hear the word “bank” I used to prejudice
that it as one that deals with our money. Latter on I reminded myself that
there are many others banks like blood bank, eye bank etc. This to clarify the people’s
erroneous belief similar to mine. The bank account that I would like to emphasis
on through this blog is about emotional bank account which is situated in our
hearts, technically in Temporal lobes.

Let me talk about my
depositors, they are my friends, family, teachers, acquaintances and everybody
I meet sometimes, what I see. They sowed happiness, inspiration, love, care,
hatred, lonesomeness in my…

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My journey


This quote is about my attitude. I always enjoy my journey so, I prefer for a longer fullfilling journey.

Although happiness may be destined end

I always prefer the hardest and longest one

Just to make my life complete

~ Ambitious Flyer

I have shared the way I wish to lead my life. Friends if you like to share about the life you had dreamt about please, engrave it in my comment box. I like to know your dreams.

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